CentOS 7 Install

The steps to install each configuration is below. Note, there are one line versions of the install in each section below. The average install time is between 4-9 minutes depending on the resources on your vm/server.

Note: You can add a “-b <version number>” to the end of the git command to install and specific version of dSIPRouter.

Install (Don’t Proxy audio (RTP) traffic)

yum install -y git curl
cd /opt
git clone https://github.com/dOpensource/dsiprouter.git
cd dsiprouter
./dsiprouter.sh install -kam -dsip

One Line Version:

yum install -y git curl;cd /opt;git clone https://github.com/dOpensource/dsiprouter.git;cd    dsiprouter;./dsiprouter.sh install -kam -dsip

Once the install is complete, dSIPRouter will automatically start MariaDB, Kamailio and the UI.

Install (Proxy audio (RTP) traffic)

Not supported yet without paid support

Install (Proxy audio (RTP) traffic with PBX and dSIPRouter behind NAT)

Not supported yet without paid support