Installing dSIPRouter

Install dSIPRouter takes approximately 9-12 minutes to install. The following video shows you the install process:


  • Must run this as the root user (you can use sudo)
  • git needs to be installed
  • Hostname needs to be set to a FQDN (for certbot to get LetsEncrypt certificate)
  • The installer will handle all other dependencies

Install Options

  • Proxy SIP Traffic Only (Don’t Proxy audio (RTP) traffic)
  • Proxy SIP Traffic and Audio when it detects a SIP Agent is behind NAT
  • Proxy SIP Traffic, Audio and it configures the system to work properly when the PBX’s and dSIPRouter are behind a NAT.

OS Support

OS / Distro Current Support
Debian 11 (bullseye) STABLE
Debian 10 (buster) STABLE
Debian 9 (stretch) STABLE
RedHat Linux 8 ALPHA
Alma Linux 8 ALPHA
Rocky Linux 8 ALPHA
Amazon Linux 2 STABLE
Ubuntu 22.04 (jammy) ALPHA
Ubuntu 20.04 (focal) ALPHA

Kamailio will be automatically installed along with dSIPRouter. Must be installed on a fresh install of Debian Stretch, Debian Buster or CentOS. You will not be prompted for any information. It will take anywhere from 9-12 minutes to install - depending on the processing power of the machine. You can secure the Kamailio database after the installation.

We maintain installation documentation for the following operating systems. Please open a pull request if you want to add and maintain addtional documentation:

Amazon AMI’s

We now provide Amazon AMI’s (pre-built images) which allows you to get up and going even faster. You can find a list of the images here. The images are a nominal fee, which goes toward supporting the project.