The dSIPRouter Project

Intro to dSIPRouter

dSIPRouter allows you to quickly turn Kamailio into an easy to use SIP Service Provider platform, which enables the following two basic use cases:

  • SIP Trunking services: Provide services to customers that have an on-premise PBX such as FreePBX, FusionPBX, Avaya, etc. We have support for IP and credential based authentication.
  • Hosted PBX services: Proxy SIP Endpoint requests to a multi-tenant PBX such as FusionPBX or single-tenant such as FreePBX. We have an integration with FusionPBX that make is really easy and scalable!

Demo System

You can checkout our demo system by clicking the link below and enter the listed username and password:

username: admin

password: ZmIwMTdmY2I5NjE4

API Token: 9lyrny3HOtwgjR6JIMwRaMej9LijIS835zhVbD8ywHDzXT07Xm6vem1sgfvWkFz3


I’d like to say thank you to Nicole D., John O. and Courtney G. for their time in fulfilling this document. I’d also like to give a hardy thank you to dOpensource for their monetary support in funding this document.


Free support is available via our group

Paid support is available here

Command Line Options