Command Line Options

Execute “./” followed by one of the listed commands. NOTE Once installed the command will be available globally as dsiprouter with tab-completion.

Command What does it do?
install Installs dSIPRouter and related components as specified
uninstall Uninstall dSIPRouter
start Starts dSIPRouter
stop Stops dSIPRouter from running
restart Restarts dSIPRouter after a stop
configurekam Reconfigures the Kamailio configuration file based on dSIPRouter Settings
renewsslcert Renew configured letsencrypt SSL certificate
installmodules Install / uninstall dDSIProuter modules
enableservernat Enable Server NAT
disableservernet Disable Server NAT
resetpassword Generate new random dSIPRouter admin account password
setcredentials Set various credentials manually
setkamdbconfig Set Kamailio’s database connection URI
generatekamconfig Generate fresh Kamailio config for dSIPRouter from the template
updatekamconfig Update Kamailio config with dynamic values
updatertpconfig Update RTPEngine config with dynamic values
updatednsconfig Update DNSmasq config with dynamic values
version|-v|–version Show dSIPRouter version
help|-h|–help List all of the options

Refer to Installing dSIPRouter to get the complete one line version of the command.

To start dSIPRouter:

./ start

To stop dSIPRouter:

./ stop

To restart dSIPRouter:

./ restart

To uninstall dSIPRouter:

./ unistall